Our Values


Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc. maintains the highest commitment to safety and health. Our policies and procedures are proven work practices that can reduce and keep at minimum lost time, pain, and suffering due to accidents and injuries.

Establishment and maintenance of a safe work environment is the shared responsibility of the employer and employees. We provide a safe and healthful work environment and strive to maintain compliance with Federal, State, and Local Safety and Health regulations.

Please feel free to contact our Safety Department for additional information: safety@jingoli.com

"EMR" Experience Modification Rate

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In The Community, Competitive Edge

One of the core principles at JINGOLI is our commitment to enriching the communities where we work. We don't just begin a project; we become a part of the community. We utilize local union workers, subcontractors, and businesses in our projects with the effort to include small, women or minority-owned businesses. JINGOLI has a full-time staff dedicated to the success of Competitive Edge by employing the following best practice methodologies:  

  • Encourage subcontractors to hire a diverse local workforce;
  • Purchase from community suppliers;
  • Recruit local companies and minority-owned or women-owned small businesses for work and mentor these subcontractors' bids;
  • Provide training to community residents, and whenever possible, connect them to employment.

By involving the local community, suppliers, and subcontractors, the project will see dedicated participation, local acceptance, and cooperation to ensure the tremendous success of projects in totality.

Click here to learn more about the Jingoli Competitive Edge philosophy and programs 


Contractor / Supplier Recruitment

JINGOLI utilizes different resources like state programs, community organizations, community gatherings, local unions, etc. to obtain information about potential contractors/suppliers for projects. Because of JINGOLI's large and diversified base of subcontractors/small companies, this information helps obtain bids for their products/services to meet established project goals. 



We have established a division within our company whose purpose is to ensure that our Outreach Program is successful. Without close attention, programs such as this end up being neglected or dissolved. By providing our program with an ombudsman, we can ensure a high level of success for every business involved.


Apprentice Utilization

All subcontractors on a JINGOLI project are required to utilize available local apprentices that are on a distribution list. By using local apprentices, we create an opportunity for local community members to gain working experience. 

The ratio of apprentices to journeyman varies from trade to trade, which is primarily controlled by the unions. We ask that our subcontractors maintain the highest level of inclusion to these standards to maintain a safe and healthy working environment to create a turnkey learning experience


SBE/MBE/WBE Aid & Utilization

JINGOLI breaks down larger sections of a project into smaller components to allow small, women, or minority-owned contractors a chance to work on large projects that typically would not be available to them. Normally, companies do not take on this practice because it can be a burden on company resources, but it is an honor to cater to our local community. 

Also, we help contractors build relationships with the local unions if they have not already done so; this helps them qualify to participate in our projects. JINGOLI will assist the contractors in areas of estimating, scheduling, workforce utilization, paperwork, and any other areas to help promote their success in their community. 

A list of smaller contractors is given out to our subcontractors on all our projects to encourage them to offer their services. This practice has seen success by involving the local community in outreach and enrichment.

We are committed to utilizing qualified Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBE). Every effort will be made to recruit, employ and subcontract these businesses to increase visibility and improve economic viability.