Underground Thermal & Electric Distribution


Atlantic City, New Jersey


Borgata Hotel and Casino

This design / build project consisted of designing and installing an underground thermal and electrical distribution system from a new thermal facility to service the new Borgata Hotel & Casino. The distribution system included:

  • 4,000 LF of 36” xhilled Water Supply and Return Lines.
  • 4,000 LF of 24” Hot Water Supply and Return Lines.
  • (1) Expansion MH, (1) Ball Joint MH, and (1) Valve Vault for the Hot Water System.
  • 3,800 LF of 6 x4 Electrical Duct Bank System with (10) MHs.
  • Casings for the Chilled and Hot Water Lines under a DOT Roadway and DOT Bridge.
  • 1000 LF of 10” Gas Line and 8” Water Line were installed simultaneously with the distribution system.

Challenges faced on this project:

  • Project was performed in contaminated soils, to which Level “C” PPE was required for excavation and installation of the piping systems.
  • Installation of an extensive dewatering management system to filter, treat, and dispose of 53 million gallons of water.
  • Relocated the existing Conectiv Power Delivery duct bank and manholes.
  • Installation of the piping system in a 45’ wide by 15’ deep trench across a major 4-lane DOT roadway, while maintaining 3 lanes of traffic at all times. JINGOLI’s fleet of Speed Shore Slide Rail System was used to facilitate this installation in phases as it crossed 100 LF of roadway. To add to the challenge, existing utilities were also present as JINGOLI installed the new piping systems across the roadway.