Hudson Transmission Project Converter Station Site Preparation


Ridgefield, New Jersey

Project Size

113,000 Square Feet

The Hudson Transmission Project started construction in May 2011, a 660 MW electric transmission link between New York City and the PJM grid. The converter station transformed AC power from the PJM grid to DC, and then back to AC within the same site (called "back-to-back conversion"). The AC-DC-AC conversion allows for the delivery of up to 660 MW of power precisely controlled and reliable to service the needs of the NYPA's New York City customers. 

JINGOLI provided site preparation services for the convertor station site; the scope of work includes demolition of a 113,000 square feet warehouses/site infrastructure, removing 40,000 cubic yards of environmentally sensitive material, dewatering with treatment, and importing 60,000 tons of clean fill.