Limerick Independent Spent Fuel Storage


Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Joseph Jingoli & Son, Inc. was contracted to construct a new Nuclear Spent Fuel Storage Facility along with a Heavy Hauler Transport Facility (HHTF) and a Maintenance Muster Facility (MMF). 

Preliminary excavation with hydro-vac equipment was used to uncover underground utilities and identify uncharted utilities. Several existing underground utilities were relocated to avoid interferences with the new foundations. New electrical, communications, data, water, and fire protection services were installed to the new buildings and storage pad as required.

The HHTF is a 80’ x 50’ pre-engineered building designed to house the heavy equipment required for fuel transfer and storage. The heated building has large metal hatches in the roof, storage and maintenance areas, and is protected by a fire suppression sprinkler system.

The MMF is a 100’ x 85’ pre-engineered steel building. The building includes offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, and an eating/break area. The HVAC systems provides ventilation when heavy equipment is in the building. The building is fully covered by a fire suppression sprinkler system.